Introduction to Data Analytics Workshop


This info session started with Jitender Thakur covering some basic definitions of terms like Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, Data Mining, BI versus Data Science,etc. And then the class took a quick look into evolution of data analytics over the last 5-7 years to understand its significance in the 21st century.

A high level overview on Data Analytics Lifecycle, various technologies and tools presently used in the field of Data Science was provided. A few examples on Analytics were discussed to showcase the wide range of application of Analytics in Business, Sports, Education, Social Social Networks, Healthcare, Elections, and Governments.

Next, the class went on to understand the inter-disciplinary nature of Data Analytics, getting familiar with Big Data Ecosystems and the role played by a Data Scientist. A brief sneak peek into different mathematical methods employed in data mining was given.  Lastly, Jitender talked about the different skill requirements for aspiring data science professionals, and some recommendations on using online resources on acquiring these required skills.