Introduction to Statistics Workshop

by Shardul Bajpai – 09/23/2015census-statistics-594x224

Knowledge of Statistics is one of the corner stones in the field of data science. Though the use of data science varies by industries, the basic application of statistics remains the same. This workshop touched upon some basic concepts of statistics like Probability Distribution and Hypothesis testing.

Shardul began the workshop with an introduction to statistics defining the terms Descriptive and Inferential Statistics. He then explained the concepts of Random Experiment, Random Variable, Expected Value and Estimator. After which he covered in detail with real life examples, the concepts of normal distribution, central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, significance test and t test, and confidence intervals. The workshop was scheduled for a duration of 1.5 hours and was attended by 35 students.

Students thought it to be a great session and very informational. Though this workshop benefited students with little or no knowledge of statistics, it was also a refresher for those with sound statistical background.