Workshop on Advanced Excel

The Workshop on Advance Excel was conducted by Aarthi Vemuri on 14th October, 2015. Aarthi joined the MSBAPM program in Fall 2014. Since then, she has actively volunteered to host workshops and tutoring sessions on Excel. This workshop was conceptualized to give an overview on how to use excel for eyeballing data without using complex statistical tools.

Aarthi began the workshop by sharing with the class some data files to use through the session. She demonstrated how a large data set could be converted into a table and quick calculations like sum of column, minimum value, maximum value, etc., for every column can be obtained by selecting from a dropdown menu. She then went on to demonstrate functions and formulae to perform data cleaning and text mining on a text data. Then the class learnt about pivot tables and how they can be used to create dashboards. Aarthi created some pivot tables, charts, filters for charts and themes for the worksheet to make it look like a dashboard. The dashboard looked quite impressive, it was on par with something we would create on Tableau. Lastly, she talked about PowerPivot add-in and how it more powerful than regular excel. PowerPivot can go over the limit of one million rows, it can connect to any database to retrieve data and does simplified and speedy calculations.

It was a brief workshop, it lasted for an hour. However, many useful techniques and functions were demonstrated. Students were inspired to explore the topics further. Feedback received from the students for the session was that it was well organized, lot of information that they needed was covered, and that the content presented at the workshop was helpful.