E-Variant Networking Event

The Evariant Networking Event, conducted on 12th October, 2015, was a great way to network with analytics professionals and learn about today’s industry analytics. Evariant helps leading hospital networks make sense of big data, giving marketers and physician relationship teams actionable insights to drive volume and engagement. The experts from Evariant who presented and explained about big data analytics also included 2 Alumnis from MSBAPM Neeraj Nagendra and Sumit Jain. Other professionals working at Evariant were Sudha, Neil, and Basant.

The professionals from Evariant in the networking event revealed about the company’s background and its culture. There are more than 170 employees and the company is growing rapidly. Although the company has a very serious approach when it comes to their work, and they are dedicated to strive for best results for their clients, but at the same time, everyone have their part of fun in the company and enjoys their work with enormous extra-curricular activities and flexibility.

Professionals from Evariant explained about the best practices and different types of Propensity Models they use for better results and to reduce the cost of their clients. Neil, the Digital Media Expert expressed how propensity modeling is used in Marketing Analytics, how data is collected and displayed and how media is placed through different vendors and outlets on the internet.

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