Workshop on R

Workshop on R was conducted by Sasank Daggubati on 4th and 11th of November. The first session of the workshop was an introductory session on R as a platform for statistical computing, its popularity and wide industry use. Sasank had the students install the R interface and demonstrated some simple codes and statistics. He demonstrated the use of packages, vectors, matrices, arrays and data frames.

The second session of the workshop on R was designed to demonstrate use cases for advanced analytics in R. It provided hands-on on more complex codes to perform data manipulation, sampling, create models and predict values. Sasank then demonstrated the use of R sentiment package for scoring of Twitter feeds into positive, negative or neutral polarities, for user defined searches. It was interesting to see the wide usage of R in analytics and how versatile it is. Sasank gave a number of tips and tricks for working with R, and a few examples of interview questions.