Introduction to Python Workshop

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The ‘Introduction to Python’ workshop was conducted on 18th November by Eric Zajac, as a one and half hour session. The workshop was conceptualized to introduce Python as a programming language and demonstrate its usage and some use cases for the MSBAPM program. Eric started with a presentation about Python’s versatility, it’s simplicity of use and why it is used for analytics. Python is a free, open source, high-level programming language. It has universal usage within hadoop, apache spark, etc. Companies like Google, Bing, Bank of America use Python for data crunching. It was found that in 2014 30% of all the programming was done in Python, the highest for the year! And this number is expected to keep growing for a considerable number of years. Eric demonstrated writing codes in Python using the IPython Notebook interface, which is an interactive, computational environment, in which you can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media. Some of the development environments for pythons include Idle, Spyder, PyCharm, IPython Notebook,and Eclipse for java users. Python is easy to learn and interpret. It has got the simplest hello world program! There are a number of varied libraries in Python, like Pandas for data frames, NumPy for matrix type calculations, SciPy for statistical functionality like visualization and modeling, and Beautiful Soup for webscraping. Eric demonstrated a map reduce algorithm for a simple word count program. He also demonstrated the code and use of different libraries for advanced analytics options analysis program. It was a very interesting workshop, everybody got to learn something new!