Month: April 2016

Workshop on Basics of Predictive Modelling

The workshop on Predictive Modelling Basics was conducted on 19th April, 2016 by Akhil Bhat.


The workshop stressed on topics like Correlations, Linear Regression and Modifications to linear regression.The discussion started off with the definition of correlation and the misconceptions around the same. Akhil gave the students a comprehensive understanding of the various assumptions of linear regression and the diagnostics one must look into to make sure results are right and interpreted correctly. He also spoke about the required modifications if the relationship between dependent and independent variables is not linear, interpretation of results and various definitions associated with linear regression.

This session came across as a useful one for students without prior experience in Predictive Analytics. Fundamental topics were given more importance so as to provide a strong foundation in Modelling for the MSBAPM students.

Workshop on Excel – Power View, Power Pivot and Power Map

This workshop on Excel was conducted on April 5th, 2016 by  Harshini Mohan, a Fall 2015 MSBAPM Student.


This workshop gave a good insight on some of the unique features of Excel like the Power View, Power Pivots and Power Maps.

Harshini Mohan distributed a data set to all the attendees of the workshop and asked them to play with the data to bring out their own visualizations. Then she explained the usefulness of the Power View feature of Excel to explore, visualize and present data. Along with the Power View, she also highlighted the importance of the Power Pivot Excel add-in which is used to perform powerful data analysis and create sophisticated data models.

The most exciting topic of this workshop was the 3D data visualization tool in Excel called the Power Map. Visualizing geographical and temporal data, analyzing data in 3D was demonstrated using this tool.

On the whole the workshop was a huge success making the attendees want to explore more about the unique features in Excel.